The caddies are back!

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Our ever popular caddies are back!

The fun and colorful handbag caddies are just the ticket to preventing those seasonal colds and flu. By keeping your purse off the floor and dirty tables you are protecting yourself from these germs.

You never have to hang your purse on the back of your chair again. Did you know the quickest way for a theif to take your purse is by walking by your chair and slipping your purse into their hand unnoticed?

With a handbag caddy your purse is not only safe from those germs but hangs below your table for a carefree meal.

Our most popular design is our Flower and Crystal Caddy

These beautiful floral designs are delicately accented with a small crystal.
For only $9 these are a steal!

Order yours today

See all of our caddy designs at So Chic Bag Boutique

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